Skybox Security Survey:Next-Generation Firewall Management

Apr 03, 2013

Download Organizations struggle to realize benefits of next-generation firewalls

Learn what IT professionals had to say about adopting and migrating to next-generation firewalls at their organizations, including adoption drivers, priorities, and the challenges they encounter.

The Skybox Security Next-Generation Firewall Survey 2012, conducted in conjunction with Osterman Research, polled more than 200 respondents worldwide in varying information security and C-level roles involved in the IT decision making process.

Among the findings:

�There will be significant deployment of next-generation firewalls over the next 12 months, with North American and European respondents reporting similar current and future deployment plans

�Yet, each region has its own set of migration concerns:Planning architecture changes and validating correct operation of NGFWs are the top concerns for North American respondents
� Europeans listed process changes and staff training as the top concerns

�The median time to migrate to next-generation firewalls is 6 months

� 46% of North American organizations and 60% of European organizations manage more than 100 rules per firewall - Europeans reported more than twice the number of rule changes per month, 273 vs 123

� 93% of organizations use or plan to use the IPS module of their NGFW; 62% in active management


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