White Book : Cloud Security - The Definitive Guide to Managing Risk in the New ICT Landscape

Jun 22, 2014

Download Cloud computing is demonstrating its potential to transform the way IT-based services are delivered to organizations, the journey to cloud is no longer question of "if" but rather "when", and a large number of enterprises have already travelled some way down this path.

However, there is one overwhelming question that is still causing many CIOs and their colleagues to delay their move to cloud: Is cloud computing secure? As many unwary businesses have found to their cost in recent high profile cases, a single cloud-related security breach can result in an organization severely damaging its reputation - or, worse, the entire business being put at risk.

By providing a clear and unbiased guide to navigating the complexities of cloud security, this white book will help to ensure your cloud computing journey is as trouble-free and beneficial as it should be.

1: Is Cloud Computing Secure?
2: Cloud Security Simplified
3: Questions of Confidentiality
4: Ensuring Integrity
5: The Risk of Service Disruption
6: Putting It All Together
7: Data is King
8: The Cloud-Friendly Security Team
9: The Cloud Security Checklist
10: The Final Word on Cloud Security
11: Cloud Security Speak: Key terms explained
12: Appendix: The White Book of Cloud Adoption


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