Consolidating security across platforms with IBM System z

by IBM

Mar 30, 2011

Download Organizations today are facing formidable IT security challenges, and the increasingly complex infrastructures and diverse platforms found in today�s computer centers aren�t making things any easier. These unprecedented security challenges stem from the need to protect critical assets in distributed, collaborative, multiplatform environments. These heterogeneous environments are the inevitable product of unbridled data and application growth�not just in the number of workloads and assets that need to be secured, but also in the varieties of workloads and assets that are involved. Add to this the fact that 73 percent of CFOs want to drive integration of information across the enterprise�integration that presents security challenges of its own.

More and more organizations have already discovered the advantages of centralizing security on the mainframe to meet these challenges, because resilience and security have long been hallmarks of mainframe computing. But how can they extend the security that is enabled by the mainframe to so many different software and hardware platforms?

IBM is responding with both hardware and software solutions to address the need for security that spans the entire IT infrastructure. IBM System z� mainframes have long sup-ported a multitude of operating system platforms. Today, System z takes multiplatform support above and beyond expectations with the IBM zEnterprise� System, the first truly integrated hardware platform for heterogeneous computing. IBM Tivoli� and IBM Information Management solutions for security combine with System z hardware and software to provide comprehensive, centralized security capabilities for organizations with distributed, multiplatform IT environments.