Hybrid Approach Offers Solution to File Sharing Dilemma

by Egnyte

Jun 18, 2013

Download As IT and users fight the data deluge brought on by big data, social networks and multimedia, the benefits of implementing enterprise-class file sharing quickly come to light.

Almost every business has had to deal with mailbox bloat: attachments ranging from presentations to videos that end up in the inboxes and outboxes of email systems. Beyond clogging mail server arteries, the constant email barrage can leave collaborating teams wondering which versions of what document have the latest changes. Many organizations have turned to free file sharing services, only to discover that their lack of security, authentication and central control can introduce new levels of risk that far outweigh the reward. Enterprise-class file sharing solutions need to offer simple authentication of authorized users, ideally based on existing enterprise directories.

Fortunately, a "best-of-all-worlds" solution exists to bring all constituents into the corporate fold while offering the best possible performance in every environment. A hybrid on-premises and cloud approach to file sharing and synchronization unlocks new capabilities not possible until now, including uninterrupted online and offline access, integrated mobile workflows and a global view of all shared files regardless of where data resides.