Introduction To E-mail Archiving Technologies

Feb 16, 2009

Download Have you ever considered the impact one, untraceable e-mail can have on an organization or individual´┐Żs career?With so much corporate information contained within e-mail, it is not surprising that industries and governments worldwide are insisting that all e-mail should be retained. E-mail archiving is no longer an option for organizations: Undoubtedly it solves major problems that systems administrators face daily and it helps an organization fulfill its compliance and regulatory requirements, particularly those stipulating the retention of e-mail for a period of time. The key to a successful implementation is choosing the right e-mail archiving technology for that organization. This white paper covers: -What archiving is and how it integrates with Microsoft Exchange or a messaging solution -What stubbing is and why Microsoft does not recommend the use of stubbing -How Journaling in Exchange can allow efficient e-mail archiving -How does stubbing compare with Journaling?