How Cyber Terrorists are Exploiting Digital America

Feb 09, 2010

Download Core Security Technologies is pleased to invite you to download this on-demand webcast highlighting the continued emergence of targeted threats aimed at government IT assets and agencies.

You�ll gain insight into the rapidly changing government cyber-security landscape from Tom Kellermann, Core Security VP of security awareness; chair of the Threats Working Group on the CSIS Commission on Cyber Security for the 44th Presidency; witness for the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee on matters of federal policy reform; and former senior member of the World Bank Treasury Security Team

Tom�s presentation underscores vitally important issues of national cyber-security including:

- The rise of targeted attacks on government IT systems, applications and infrastructure
- Participation in attacks by nation state-backed groups, organized criminals and terrorists
- The use of trusted inter-agency and contractor relationships to circumvent IT defenses
- The ability of agencies to more effectively manage risk via proactive vulnerability management
- The need to conduct red team penetration testing exercises to unearth specific points of risk
- You�ll also learn how proactive penetration testing and internal �red team� exercises can help your agency prepare for, prevent and respond to electronic attacks.

Download this webcast today and begin improving your security strategy immediately. �


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