Financial Services, Regulation and the Achilles Heel of Email

Feb 04, 2013

Download Ensuring data privacy in compliance with government regulations and consumer protection laws presents a complex set of challenges for financial firms. Coupled with the rising sophistication in security threats, many industries are under regulatory fire in demonstrating accountability and addressing compliance requirements in accordance with federal and state laws. How an organization is able to store and manage their data, including email, has a high impact on regulatory compliance.

Read this white paper from Proofpoint and learn:

•  How regulatory inquiries that involve searching for and extracting specific information can be impacted by an organization?s system readiness.
•  Why the complexity of the regulatory climate and security threats is likely to impact all departments of an organization.
•  How the number, sophistication and consequences of email, Web and other threats is increasing and will require more advanced, faster and more efficient ways of dealing with them.