FireEye Advanced Threat Report: 2H2011

by FireEye

Feb 20, 2012

Download Get an Inside View of the Advanced Threat Landscape Through this Report on Advanced Targeted Attacks

This report is unique in that it is not an analysis of well-known malware or billions of spam messages. Instead, we provide insight into the threats that are successful and therefore dangerous - those which got through traditional defenses and into enterprise networks in 2H 2011.

FireEye Malware Intelligence Labs' was able to generate this unique report because our Malware Protection Systems (MPS) are deployed on the network behind the firewall and gateway anti-virus and see attacks that are bypassing traditional defenses.

In this report, we analyze new threat data contributed by our customers which include brand-name enterprises, government agencies, and educational institutions around the globe. We will provide the insight you need to understand the current threat landscape, including:

� The security gap in over 95% of enterprise networks

� Types of evolving advanced persistent threat (APT) tactics

� Level of infiltration seen in organization's networks today