Meeting the Challenges of HIPAA Compliance, Phishing Attacks and Mobile Security December 2012

Feb 04, 2013

Download Healthcare organizations face three major IT security and compliance challenges:

•  Regulations such as HIPAA are getting stricter and enforcement actions are becoming more common and costly.
•  Hackers and criminal syndicates are targeting healthcare organizations with new forms of intrusive IT attacks that steal valuable data.
•  As in other industries, healthcare is undergoing an IT revolution enabled by consumer-class mobile devices like iPads and Android phones. While smartphones and tablets give healthcare workers unprecedented access to patient records and other medical data on the go, this new, decentralized infrastructure often makes it more difficult for HCOs to protect confidential data.

Read this whitepaper to learn about:

•  The top IT security challenges faced by healthcare organizations - from HIPAA compliance and phishing attacks to mobile security.
•  How the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend puts organizations at greater risk of security threats and regulatory violations.
•  Strategies your organization can use to mitigate challenges related to compliance, cyber threats and mobile security.