Remote Access & Control SIPRNet Solution

by Raritan

Feb 01, 2013

Download To ensure the secure transmission of classified and secret information, the U.S. Government has mandated that beginning April, 2013 all access to military, intelligence, and other classified systems will require the use of a limited-access computer network Secret Internet Provider Network (SIPRNet) token.

Even after organizations upgrade their systems for SIPRNet token access and issue hardware tokens, complying with the DoD mandate still poses significant challenges: How can authorized users quickly and securely gain access to multiple systems? How can users quickly locate a specific system? How can a user access systems in a locked data center or lab?

Building upon the industry�s first and most widely deployed CAC KVM solution, Raritan offers an enterprise-class Cat5 analog solution that gives government IT professionals the power to securely access and control servers and other network devices. This solution has been tested in multiple environments and allows classified server administrators to be SIPRNet -authenticated without losing any operational capability.