Securing Executives and Highly Sensitive Documents of Corporations Globally

by Gemalto

Sep 23, 2013

Download Every week brings new stories of companies damaged by the breach of sensitive information. For IT professionals up against the significant challenge of keeping corporate networks and information secure, top level executives and board members present unique requirements. These highly mobile individuals typically have access to the enterprise's most confidential information, from earnings outlooks to acquisition plans to new products, making them prime targets. It is evident that username and password authentication is simply not a secure way to protect your organizations most valued assets. Implementing additional security can be a daunting task, which is where Gemalto can help.

Gemalto's whitepaper, Securing Executives and Highly Sensitive Documents of Corporations Globally, outlines the basic steps you need to secure your executives' devices and keep criminals out. This whitepaper will give you an overview of the problems associated with protecting information for mobile executives, and provide potential solutions for your consideration.

This complimentary whitepaper will explore:

• Understanding today's risks and threats

• Additional risks associated with mobile and BYOD

• Examples of use cases and solutions for protecting executive formation