Spam 2011: Protection Against Evolving Threats

Oct 01, 2011

Download 2011 anti-spam email security whitepaper. Today's enterprise anti-spam solutions typically deliver 95% effectiveness. Unfortunately, that's not good enough. A border-line attack that gets through a 5% gap in defenses could cost your organization millions of dollars in terms of lost business, exposure to privacy threats, and brand loyalty.

Recent attacks show that spammers and scammers are determined to find their way through any gap, however slight, in an enterprise's defenses. They're exploiting a variety of tactics - including blended attacks combining email, Web access, and phony Web sites - to infect systems on enterprise networks.

This white paper discusses the ongoing evolution of spam threats and the technology needed to close that remaining 5% gap in defenses. To defeat spam, enterprises need a holistic approach rather than an uncoordinated collection of features and filters. By systematically tying features together through real-time machine learning and analysis, enterprises can increase the effectiveness of their spam defenses to nearly 100%.