Symantec RSA Survey Report

Feb 11, 2014

Download There seem to be three certainties in life: death, taxes and threats to our technology. And just as IT continues to play a pivotal role in today's business, attacks on our systems and information are constantly evolving. For each new patch or security feature implemented, the bad guys are waiting to counter it with a move of their own. And while we've become so accustomed to computer viruses that we consider them a simple fact of life, there are now far more sinister opportunities for data loss. From advanced persistent threats to malicious insiders, the result is a tangled landscape of security challenges that only appears to be getting worse. In order to assess how well companies today are coping with this complex security situation, Symantec fielded a survey at the 2014 RSA Conference in San Francisco. We asked more than 300 attendees about their level of preparedness and their confidence in their security. The key findings summarized on the following pages show that we still have significant progress to make in order to secure ourselves from today's threats.

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