Using the Cloud to Avoid Mobile App Data Leakage

Feb 15, 2013

Download Download this white paper to learn how you can use cloud computing to improve your mobile data security. The paper features in-depth details about cloud computing as a surprisingly effective technique to solve the security, performance, user experience, and cost issues plaguing enterprises looking to provide mobile access to enterprise applications today.

In �How to Avoid Data Leakage from Mobile Enterprise Apps: Use the Cloud,� you will learn:

•  A new architecture that puts no data on the mobile
•  A fast, secure way for applications to communicate with tablets -- even over unreliable
•  How smart use of the cloud can enable security and usability enterprises require
•  How IT can enable BYOD and still maintain control
•  A way to future-proof your development and cost structure

This free white paper gives IT departments a great start on enabling both secure application data and a mobile UX that employees rave about.