Vulnerability Shielding: The Patch Management Challenge

Sep 09, 2012

Download Each year thousands of critical software flaw vulnerabilities are reported in operating systems, databases, servers, and other applications. Patching these vulnerabilities can be disruptive and time consuming, requiring systems to be rebooted and impacting service level agreements. Even when a patch is available, it can take weeks or even months before the patch can be fully deployed.

Download "Vulnerability Shielding: The Patch Management Challenge" to learn about some of the key features and benefits of deep security, such as:

� Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) rules that shield known vulnerabilities from being exploited

� Recommendation scanning streamlines security update management by automatically scanning systems

� Security updates from a dedicated team of security experts continuously monitor multiple sources of vulnerability disclosure information

Download this white paper to get a timely, cost-effective complement to traditional patching processes that can significantly lower costs, reduce disruptions, and give you greater control over the scheduling of patches.


Trend Micro