Why You Need to Consider Cloud-Based Security

Feb 04, 2013

Download Protecting endpoints from various threats is perhaps the single most critical function for any IT department. Given the still voluminous quantity of spam that hits corporate email servers, the growing threat from phishing and advanced persistent threats, and the increasing number of physical platforms and Web-based applications that have access to corporate data resources, protecting these critical resources and platforms should be at the top of virtually IT decision maker's "must-do" list.

Read this white paper to learn:
•  Why the use of cloud-based security capabilities is increasing at a faster pace than use of on-premise security servers and appliances

•  Why most IT decision makers continue to view security as a top-of-mind issue, resulting in security spending and analysis of new security models as a leading priority in most organizations.

•  How the number, sophistication and consequences of email, Web and other threats is increasing and will require more advanced, faster and more efficient ways of dealing with them.