Zero-Day Exploits and APTs: Security Requirements vs. Operational Challenges

May 03, 2013

Download Enterprises are losing the battle against advanced, information-stealing malware attacks. We continuously discover new application vulnerabilities which are quickly exploited by cybercriminals. Traditional blacklisting solutions don't work, and more advanced whitelisting-solutions are unmanageable. How do you overcome the manageability and operational challenges of advanced malware protection?

In this webinar, guest speaker Rick Holland, senior analyst serving Security & Risk Professionals at Forrester Research, Inc., will discuss the security and operational challenges associated with advanced malware protection. Rick will review the technical and operational requirements organizations should consider when looking to prevent and mitigate advanced malware. Dana Tamir, Director of Product Management at Trusteer, will then introduce Trusteer Apex which applies a new groundbreaking approach for stopping zero-day exploits and data exfiltration.

In this webinar recording you will learn:
•  Why advanced malware poses significant risk to organizations
•  What security and operational challenges organizations are facing today
•  How Trusteer Apex protects enterprise endpoint against advanced threats
•  How Trusteer Apex maximizes endpoint protection while minimizing