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BluVector Threat Report Q4 2017

by BluVectorFeb 16, 2018

Looking back at Q4 2017, we witnessed the continued evolution of the threat landscape. In the vast majority of cases, the attacker's motivation was, in one way or the other, profit. Download this report now to learn more about the specific threats.

The Rising Threat of Fileless Malware

by BluVectorFeb 16, 2018

Read this report to understand how fileless malware is quickly evolving to avoid detection, the techniques currently employed to prevent infection and the strategies security teams need to consider when determining how to stop future fileless breaches.

Threat Monitoring, Detection, and Response Report

by BluVectorFeb 16, 2018

Based on an online survey of over 410 cybersecurity professionals, this report details the top concerns about network security. Some of the findings in the report are that dealing with advanced threats is the most significant concern for cybersecurity professionals and that the biggest challenge in responding to advanced threats for cybersecurity professionals is identifying them.

Authenticating the World's Communications

by ValiMailFeb 15, 2018

Alexander Garcia-Tobar, CEO, with ValiMail compares email validation much like how a merchant authenticates your credit card before purchases.

The Limitations of Next-Generation Firewalls

by ibossFeb 14, 2018

NGFWs aim to be more comprehensive in evaluating data packets entering the network, applying granular, contextual information where necessary that old school firewalls couldn't detect. Even as firewalls evolve, layered defense is still key.

Security Brief: Security Challenges in the New Threat Landscape

by CounterTackFeb 12, 2018

New and unknown threats are becoming more complex, increasing the workload for security professionals. Security teams continuously face malware, ransomware, and fileless attacks. To combat threats, security professionals should look at new technologies and procedures.

The DMARC Challenge for Federal Agencies

by ValiMailFeb 12, 2018

Combining original research and actionable advice this report contains:
• Data on how well all 1315 government and 65 military domains are doing with DMARC
• Data on SPF usage in government and military domains
• Risks of failing to deploy DMARC fully
• How DMARC works and why it's essential
• Data on the growing global support for DMARC
• Challenges federal agencies need to be aware of in implementing DMARC

2017 Email Fraud Report

by ValiMailFeb 12, 2018

ValiMail's analysis of the most popular 1 million global domains shows that most domain owners have not attempted to implement fraud protection through the latest and most complete form of protection, DMARC. Of those that have attempted only 23 percent are actually achieving protection from fraud.

So, You’ve Started a DMARC Record . . . Now What?

by ValiMailFeb 12, 2018

DMARC-enabled email authentication is extremely powerful, but among other this it requires careful configuration of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records and DNS plus intimate knowledge of the email infrastructure. This eBook outlines the steps required to successfully get to enforcement.

An Insider’s Guide to Email Authentication Through DMARC

by ValiMailFeb 12, 2018

Email is the primary communications medium globally, with over 6.3 billion mailboxes used by 3.7 billion people worldwide in 2017 (half the planet and it continues to grow). This whitepaper walks you through what you can do to stop the most damaging emails fraud and phishing attacks today.



BluVector helps security teams respond to malicious threats up to 80% faster than current approaches. As a leader in Network Security Monitoring & Analytics, BluVector applies supervised machine learning so security teams can detect and respond to advanced security threats at digital speed.


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Endpoint Security Solutions (EDR): AMPLIFIED. Our unique combination of threat context, organizational resiliency and broad visibility is purpose-built to mitigate endpoint security risk and reduce the impact of advanced attacks across our portfolio of products and services. CounterTack takes endpoint detection and response to the next level, empowering endpoint security solutions teams neutralize and prevent advanced threats from damaging their business.


Since its inception, iboss has challenged the status quo in enterprise security, launching innovative, patented technology delivered direct-to-cloud via proprietary node-based cloud container architecture. iboss advanced threat defense features gives security professionals visibility into previously hidden communication channels, and the security tools needed to close the critical data protection gap that can leave even the largest networks vulnerable.


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ValiMail is a fast-growing, venture-backed company with name brand customers, including the world's #1 ridesharing service, #1 SMB payment processor, #1 social learning network, and #1 website publishing platform. We're headquartered in San Francisco, CA