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Effective Cyber Risk Assessment

by NeuStar, Inc.Sep 27, 2018

The perils of security breaches are widely publicized, but do you know exactly how an attack or breach would affect your business? Have you considered the security risks of simply doing business with third parties ? perhaps picking up a new security weakness at every stop on the supply chain?

Hear as top experts explain how to quantify the risks cyber threats pose to your organization ? empowering you to make smarter decisions about defense strategy and spending.

Automated Static File Analysis

by ReversingLabsOct 16, 2018

Malware continues to increase in sophistication and routinely evades organizations' cyber defenses. It lurks inside networks, often for months, executing or waiting to execute attacks that can cause significant damage. The industry has developed numerous technologies to bolster detection, but the situation persists. To successfully operationalize these capabilities, new enabling technology is needed.

How to Build an Effective Threat Hunting Program

by ReversingLabsOct 16, 2018

A common complaint among threat intelligence analysts is the near impossibility of searching global threat intelligence feeds to find the specific threat and vulnerability information that matters to their organization. This complaint is just the tip of the iceberg. The larger, underlying problem facing security teams is the general lack of visibility and context across all internal files and objects that enter and then move about, stay resident, and or leave their corporate

TitaniumCloud File Intelligence vs. VirusTotal

by ReversingLabsOct 16, 2018

Security teams have a choice! ReversingLabs offers unequalled file intelligence with more total and more current data along with complete query/post privacy and enterprise class support. ReversingLabs also offers an option VirusTotal cannot &emdash; a complete onsite malware analysis solution that combines the industry's authoritative file intelligence database with an on-premises malware analysis and threat hunting platform. If your security team is tired of struggling with the limitations of

Getting the Board Onboard with Application Security

by WhiteHat SecurityMay 15, 2018

It can be a big challenge to get board members to recognize the importance of application security, especially given the components that may not be under the widely known umbrella of perimeter security. Given that the number of breaches to the application layer have increased substantially over the years, it's now become blatantly obvious that organizations need to evaluate their application security program and investments more effectively.

This needs to be everyone's

2018 Report: The Evolution of the Secure Software Lifecycle

by WhiteHat SecurityOct 13, 2018

This year WhiteHat has partnered with strategic partners Coalfire and NowSecure to produce the 2018 Application Security Statistics Report. We analyzed data from over 20,000 applicants and provide the most comprehensive view of application security available today.

It has become obvious -- the successful organizations take a systemic, risk-based approach to evaluating cybersecurity vulnerabilities and addressing these pan-organizationally -- as they would address any other market-oriented

Design Secure Software from the First Line of Code

by WhiteHat SecurityOct 13, 2018

Have you ever discovered flaws in your applications after they've been released to the public? As developers push applications out the door at increasingly faster rates, it's crucial that security vulnerabilities are discovered during the development process. Because by the time security teams uncover these flaws, costs of remediating vulnerabilities skyrocket and development teams are onto the next sprint.

Download this white paper for keen insights into:
• Why security needs to

Securing your Code for GDPR Compliance

by WhiteHat SecurityOct 13, 2018

Writing code for compliance standards is still a young discipline; while PCI DSS has provided directives for applications security testing and check, GDPR has been less specific with its directive that new portals, websites, and applications which touch EU Citizen data be developed according to the principles of Privacy by Design.

What does that mean to the Application and Solution Architect? It means they need to figure out how to secure all future releases of applications, both web and

Cybersecurity for Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses: 10 Steps to Success

by KnowBe4, Inc.Sep 11, 2018

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are learning the hard way that they are indeed prime targets for cyber attackers. But many enterprise security tools and practices don?t work for SMBs, which have neither the budget nor the skills to operate their own IT security department. In this Dark Reading webinar, a top expert offers some tips and recommendations for securing the smaller enterprise, and for implementing simple, affordable tools and best practices that make sense for the

2018 Gartner Report: Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR)

by Digital GuardianOct 10, 2018

Learn about the importance of managed detection and response (MDR) in your security environment with this Gartner report.


Digital Guardian

At Digital Guardian, we believe your data is your business. We protect your company's sensitive information like it's our own so you can minimize risk without diminishing returns. For over 10 years we've enabled data-rich organizations to prevent data loss by securing their endpoint devices. Digital Guardian is security's most technologically advanced endpoint agent providing transformative data visibility and control where you're most vulnerable. The only patented data protection platform trusted on millions of endpoints to secure against insider and outsider threats.


We have a simple mission: To use our experience and expertise from the security world to provide state of the art solutions for organizations to protect all their digital assets.

WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Security has been in the business of securing web applications for 17 years. Combining advanced technology with the expertise of its global Threat Research Center (TRC) team, WhiteHat delivers application security solutions that reduce risk, reduce cost and accelerate the deployment of secure applications and web sites. The company's flagship product, WhiteHat Sentinel, is a software-as-a-service platform providing dynamic application security testing (DAST), static application security testing (SAST), and mobile application security assessments. The company is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., with regional offices across the U.S. and Europe.