Comparing the Cost of PCs to Cloud-Hosted Desktops

Mar 14, 2011

Download Physical desktop computer infrastructures no longer make sense. Not only are they expensive, insecure and maintenance-heavy, they also cannot effectively support the changing business IT landscape. The groundswell of required Windows 7 migrations, expanding virtual workforces, growing popularity of mobile devices such as the iPad, and tighter IT budgets all point to the need to reevaluate desktop strategies. Cloud-hosted desktops lower the total cost of ownership of corporate desktops by centralizing management and providing anywhere access.

This white paper will compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) of physical PCs, virtual desktops, and cloud-hosted desktops as a service (DaaS). Cloud-hosted desktops have many benefits outside of TCO as many organizations want the convenience of outsourcing this IT function. The numbers in this study are based upon list prices, when applicable, averages of industry standard solutions, or published analyst numbers including Gartner and IDC.