Document Solutions: IP Faxing Versus Conventional Faxing

Jul 03, 2008

Download The fact remains that paper documents continue to be crucial to have, send, and file for the vast majority of organizations doing business today. Fax machines and faxed documents therefore have an important and entrenched place in organizations and their workflows, but are not usually a top-of-mind business focus for executives. Faxed documents are less vulnerable to tampering, have delivery notification options, and are considered legally binding for transactions - features that email, while convenient, cannot always provide. Invoicing, purchasing, finance, and legal contracts are examples of functions and document-types that are well suited to the fax format. This whitepaper uses examples in three industries with the heaviest fax usage � finance, healthcare, and insurance � to demonstrate costs and risks that are shared across all industries, and then highlights the areas where the use of an Internet Protocol (IP) faxing solution can reduce these challenges.


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