PaaS - Powering a New Era of Business IT

Apr 01, 2014

Download Cloud computing services have become an integral part of many organization's enterprise IT strategies. In the last 12 months, platform as a service (PaaS) has become one of the fastest growing areas of all cloud computing services with analyst firms like Gartner and IDC predicting sharp uptakes in PaaS adoption.

This paper explores why PaaS has suddenly become relevant and irresistible to many organizations. It dives into the opportunities and considerations associated with using PaaS from an application development and deployment perspective, as well as the ways PaaS can help enhance developer productivity.

Download this paper to learn:
� Why PaaS is growing at such a rapid pace
� How PaaS differs from SaaS and IaaS
� Five ways PaaS helps enhance the development process
� Which type of PaaS solution is right for your team
� Considerations before going down a PaaS route