6 Reasons Why CIOs Should Embrace Cloud Computing Now

Jun 01, 2010

Download While many CIOs point to cost savings as the primary driving force of their Cloud initiatives, a growing number are seeing broader benefits that are focusing their team on delivering greater business value. Discover the tremendous benefits a mid-sized company can realize by moving some of their applications into the Cloud and about the factors that lead to success. In this informational white paper you will learn: * Real-world Cloud ROI calculations: benchmark your potential for cost savings * The business case for migrating to Cloud: to share outside the IT department * How to get started with a hybrid approach: so you can see immediate benefit * How the Cloud will impact your staff: key issues to address within your organization Don't fall behind when it comes to this next wave of change. If you are leading an IT organization that is not currently leveraging this opportunity, you should assume that your competitors are already ahead of you in reaping the rewards of the cloud.