Improve Your Buildings IQ with IBM Solutions for Smarter Buildings

by IBM

Jun 02, 2012

Download In today's building management environment, organizations are stretching capital improvement projects and delaying upgrades. Yet, they still must maintain their existing assets and ensure tenant satisfaction. They are looking for opportunities to consolidate space and improve space planning. At the same time, energy costs are rising. Commercial buildings consume 40 percent of all electricity - more than any other type of physical asset or structure - and they generate approximately 10 percent of all green-house gas emissions. Excluding staffing costs, energy costs alone repre-sent about 30 percent of an office building's total operating costs. To meet these challenges, building owners and managers need to increase their building's IQ with a smarter approach to managing buildings - an approach that provides greater instrumentation at all levels, improves interconnectivity of all building systems, and promotes collaboration with external groups such as environmental and government agencies and partner organizations. To achieve effective facilities operations on today's smarter planet, building managers need to create smarter buildings - better buildings for a better bottom line.