The Benefits of Private High Bandwidth Managed WANs (Wide Area Networks) for Educational IT Infrastructures

Nov 01, 2009

Download Today, educational IT professionals are being asked to shoulder increasing responsibility for the delivery of key services to schools and school districts. Yet many financial and operational obstacles can make fulfillment of these new services highly complex. The current recession has put increasing demands on school district IT professionals. Yet even with today�s flatlined or shrinking budgets, they are being tasked with delivering additional educational and administrative applications. How will you respond to these challenges?

Sunesys, a certified E-rate service provider, has produced a white paper that outlines how private high bandwidth managed wide area networks have been the answer for many school districts. Benefits include:
� Fixed cost pricing
� Scalability
� Control
� Security

This document demonstrates how the deployment and management of a private high bandwidth managed wide area network (WAN) enables education IT professionals to meet these new demands.