Accelerating Dynamic Web Content: Efficiently Serving Uncacheable Web Content from Origin

Oct 02, 2009

Download For companies in the dynamic content business � including social networking sites, Internet portals, e-commerce sites, digital media companies, and on-demand software or SaaS � fast website performance is critical. A dependable, snappy end-user experience is a key force in decreasing site abandonment and driving consumer adoption for both advertising and subscription-based revenue models.

As web sites become more personalized, rich and interactive, the percentage of dynamic content (versus static content) continues to rise. As a result, traditional methods of accelerating web sites are increasingly ineffective.

Dynamic web content, a key component of on-demand software (SaaS), is causing new website performance challenges. Namely, consumers using on-demand software served from centralized infrastructure may experience poor performance or may not be able to access the application at all. The dilemma is that companies want to centralize infrastructure because it is easier to maintain, secure, and control. Yet, the farther away the end-user is from the datacenter, the worse the performance.

FastSoft�s technology accelerates content served from origin, and when intelligently combined with service providers (content distribution network) and common web infrastructure (load balancers), can improve site performance thirty percent to five times. FastSoft does not require client software, browser plug-ins, or any technology on the end-user�s computer, making it a highly scalable web acceleration solution.