Automating SAP System Refresh and System Copy Processes

by Cisco

Oct 01, 2010

Download Many enterprises conduct SAP System Copy and System Refresh to coincide with release schedules. Prior to a new release rollout to the SAP� production system, System Refresh is conducted to refresh the QA system from the production system, which helps enforce data consistency and facilitates comprehensive testing before the release is rolled out to production. Completing a System copy or full System Refresh is challenging. Many different procedures must be coordinated and significant problems can occur if any part of the process is not completed properly, especially since the SAP production system is involved.

Adding automation can provide consistent best practice-based execution of SAP System Copy and System Refresh procedures. Automated and guided procedures provide clarity and coordination of all activities, which has several benefits, including:

• Time savings and reduced off-hours work � Reduced dependence on manual coordination of activities
• Reduced operational complexity and potential for errors � Consistent, correct execution of steps, and a documented, clear, repeatable workflow
• Easier auditing � Detailed audit report to simplify auditing

This white paper outlines how you can leverage new technologies to automate your System Copy and System Refresh processes, including pre- and post-restore steps; to help improve business continuity, increase IT productivity, and reduce the risk of business disruption.