Enterprise Scheduler Provides Advanced Automation and Standardization at Leading Online Bank While Delivering a 114% ROI

by Cisco

Jan 29, 2010

Download A leading global financial institution recently embarked on a new strategy to leverage Internet technology and deploy a direct-to-consumer online banking model. The success and resulting growth of the bank's online business translated into increased batch job run times and increased job management complexity. This led to two major challenges for the IT team: a need to automate their traditional batch job management processes that were highly manual, and a need to eliminate inefficiencies and maintenance burden created by their use of custom job scripts.

The bank turned to Tidal Software for a solution. Using Tidal(tm) Enterprise Scheduler, they were able to reinvent their batch management practices, improve IT performance, and realize a conservatively estimated 52% Internal Rate of Return on their investment, a 114% five-year ROI, and an investment payback in 26 months.