How Bar Codes and RFID Deliver Value to Manufacturing and Distribution

Jun 30, 2010

Download Manufacturers depend on a well-coordinated chain of events to make their operations work effectively. In addition, mail order fulfillment and distribution companies unable to provide information with their products increasingly find themselves at a disadvantage versus their competitors. Today�s business software packages, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), materials management, production control, and supply chain visibility applications depend on real-time data collection and identification systems to provide information crucial for optimizing processes, productivity, and profits.

As more companies turn to enterprise-wide software for process improvement and cost reduction, there is a significant opportunity to enhance these systems by adding bar coding and radio frequency identification (RFID) applications throughout manufacturing facilities and distribution operations.

This paper shows how advanced bar code and RFID technologies can create sustainable advantages by providing the accurate information required for modern business practices. By implementing bar coding and RFID, companies can realize significant return on investment (ROI).


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