Tidal's Enterprise Scheduler Enables Staples to Achieve a 45% ROI and 61% IRR in just 3 years with Cost-effective Automation and Centralization

by Cisco

Jan 29, 2010

Download Staples' information systems play a critical role in delivering on their brand promise 'that was easy.' As part of a recent strategic imperative, Staples recently embarked on a major modernization of its systems architecture and supporting processes. The goal was to ensure IT's systems could scale with the company's continued global expansion without sacrificing the quality of the brand experience. One critical target for modernization was Staples' enterprise job scheduling processes and systems. After researching the top software providers in this space, Staples selected Tidal Software to support its efforts to centralize and streamline automated batch processing.

Mainstay Partners, an independent consulting firm, took a closer look at Staples' return on investment (ROI) from deploying Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. This case study contains detailed financial projections of savings from avoidance of software and hardware purchases as well as increased productivity resulting from the use of Tidal Enterprise Scheduler over a three-year period. It also outlines the key success factors for Staples that enabled it to achieve success with the deployment.

Research and analysis for this study was conducted by Mainstay Partners, an independent consulting firm that has performed over 200 studies for leading information technology providers including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Dell, HP, BearingPoint, EMC, Network Appliance, EDS, and Tidal Software. This case study was based on interviews with the online bank's executives, IT Managers, and Operations personnel, review of project planning documents, and searches of industry literature.