Video Surveillance: Meeting the Massive Growth and Scalability Challenge

Dec 16, 2013

Download Affigent, in partnership with EMC Isilon, recognizes the growing need for video surveillance within the federal government.

Video Surveillance data storage solutions for the federal government that enable:

� Massive scalability: Unimaginable room for video surveillance data storage - from 18 Tbs to over 20 PBs of capacity per cluster.

� Unmatched efficiencies: Delivers 80% of greater storage utilization efficiency to drive down storage costs and reduce the data center footprint.

� Robust security options: Write once, read many (WORM) protection to prevent accidental, premature or malicious alteration or deletion of video surveillance data.

� World's fastest NAS: World record performance of 1.6 million SPECsfs2008 CIFs operations/second.

� End-to-end data protection: Highly resilient architecture with fast, efficient data backup and disaster recovery protection.