Developing a Defensible Disposal Strategy - IT Teams Shouldn't Have to Make a Billion Choices

Sep 01, 2010

Download Too Much Data, Not Enough Value It's commonly understood that data not subject to legal or regulatory requirement and without any business value should be disposed, and doing so is getting more important every day: � 40 percent or more of corporate data is not subject ��to a specific legal duty and has no business value � Corporate data volume grew by about 50 percent ��last year, while budgets grew by 0 percent � IT spend averages 3.5 percent of revenues � data ��management is not cheap (Gartner) � IDC predicts data will grow by a factor of 44 in the ��next 10 years The bottom line is that companies that can and do dis�pose of unnecessary information return more profit to shareholders, and they can use their IT budgets for strategic investments rather than waste management. Defensible disposal is certainly worth doing, but most companies give IT a billion choices to make in order to determine what can safely be disposed. And that�s why nothing gets disposed. This paper will provide the strategy necessary to eliminate unnecessary legal risk, and discovery and data management costs.