Enterprise Job Scheduling Evaluation Guide

by Cisco

Sep 01, 2007

Download How to evaluate and choose a job scheduling solution that is right for your infrastructure

IT groups must support many applications and servers across multiple platforms that frequently operate independently of each other. Coordinating all these applications and networks to streamline job scheduling can increase productivity and reduce costs.

However, applying more staff, toolkits, and rudimentary scheduling software to cobble together automated batch processing solutions is cost-prohibitive, inefficient, and error-prone. Enterprise job scheduling products enable datacenters to solve this problem by simplifying both complex and routine tasks.

This detailed evaluation guide provides a framework for benchmarking features and functions of enterprise job schedulers including:

• Calendaring
• Dependencies, Queues and Prioritization
• Alert Management
• Application and Database Support
• Framework / Network Management Integration
• Security and Audit Trails
• Fault Tolerance and Auto Recovery
• Event Driven Processing
• Scalability