INETCO Insight of the Week #04 - Getting Down to Business with Transaction Metrics that Matter

Jul 16, 2010

Download Banks, payment processors and other financial institutions need to reduce the risk of undetected stand-ins, improve straight through processing rates, identify transaction slowdowns, and resolve application or network outages by quickly getting to the heart of business transaction metrics that matter. Management of a complex payment transaction environment has traditionally required hours of resource-intensive data gathering and troubleshooting by capturing and correlating network, application and transaction --level messages and timings into one, consolidated view. This process seems archaic when weighed against the immense pressure to guarantee the reliability of the customer's real-time, mission critical Electronic Funds Transfer Interfaces including ATMs, POS terminals, IVR systems, internet banking, third party bill payments, and the list goes on and on. Business Transaction Management has had a profound effect on IT's ability to proactively anticipate and troubleshoot application performance and network reliability issues. BTM has helped these teams decrease the average Mean Time to Repair by at least 50% by giving them the ability to quickly navigate through large volumes of financial transaction data for faster troubleshooting, reporting and investigation.


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