Overtaken by Events? The Quest for Operational Responsiveness. A survey of Global Energy, Telecoms, and Logistics Businesses

Oct 27, 2009

Download Operational responsiveness is the ability of business processes and systems to respond to changing conditions and customer interactions as they occur, enabling business leaders to capitalize on opportunities, drive greater efficiencies, and reduce risk. The survey identified a number of key pointers as to why businesses would be keener than ever to improve how they respond operationally including:

• 91% of the respondents said they are trying to act in a    more personal �one-to-one� manner with their customers.
• 74% reported that such areas as digital market channels,    mobile platforms, and social channels have caused a significant increase in the flow of information into and through their businesses.
• 70% of the businesses surveyed said that it would be an advantage to be able to price    their products based on dynamic factors, in response to intra-day changes, such as    changes in competitor prices/activity.
• Operational incidents can be costly: 82% of companies surveyed have to continuously    monitor processes to try to prevent them happening.
• 72% said their business processes take too long, and they need to shorten them.

Businesses want to respond quickly and more accurately to business events at the operational and business planning level. Real-time information delivery is seen as an important contributor and has a role in three key areas:

• Monitoring KPIs
• Automatically alerting end users when certain conditions occur
• Automating response processes

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