Perspective Network Management Solution

Jan 28, 2010

Download Perspective is a comprehensive and affordable network management and application monitoring solution. Perspective�s ease of install and ease of use combine with broad and deep monitoring capabilties to provide administrators with unprecedented visibility into the performance of the network itself, as well as the devices and applications running on the network.

With the ability to �see� the network from different points of view, Perspective gets to the root of problems where other solutions cannot. It solves the problems associated with bandwidth, network and application performance, and connectivity that are often constant, time-consuming issues for IT departments.

Perspective supports multiple sites, is easier to use and more comprehensive than traditional network management products. Perspective also learns the network�s normal patterns and performance, and uses this as a baseline to compare future results against, providing a more accurate picture of network health.

The most common benefit Perspective users realize stems from our ability to pinpoint the specific type of traffic causing problems on the network: voice, data, video, etc.., and see where it is coming from. We can point to the application on the device generating the traffic that is causing pain. So you can fix it fast.