Place Matters in the Helping Professions: GIS for Human and Social Services Organizations


Apr 23, 2012

Download Academics have made the case that social work needs mapping. This white paper describes how geographic information systems (GIS) fill that prescription. GIS is a key component in modernizing the information technology (IT) of many human and social service programs. By leveraging the data management, analysis, and visualization capabilities of GIS, social workers and other human service professionals (hereinafter referred to collectively as helping professionals) are empowered to understand community needs, measure environmental forces (including access to services), deliver services more efficiently, and detect fraud and abuse. After reading this white paper

� Senior management of human and social service organizations will understand the importance of geographically enabling information systems (with GIS) to support their core missions.

� Helping professionals will recognize how GIS can support their business processes and workflows.

� IT personnel will understand that Esri technology is scalable from the desktop to the server to mobile devices and is available in the cloud.