Seven Ways to Gain Control Licensing and Spending

by Flexera

Apr 29, 2010

Download This white paper describes seven methods through which Basis and Procurement management teams can more efficiently manage the lifecycle of their SAP� Business Suite licenses and make more informed software planning and purchasing decisions.

While there are established processes to manage just about every other IT asset, software, which represents 20% of an IT organization�s spending, is often managed in a manual and fragmented way. Knowing what an organization is entitled to use compared with what it is actually using is made complex by a combination of historical procurements, changing organizational structures, complex and vague licensing types, and disconnects between procurement, legal, finance, and IT.

Some companies think they have these problems solved because they have an IT asset management system (ITAM). Although formal ITAM programs may be in place to manage the desktop in a relatively systemic way, datacenter applications, such as SAP and Oracle, cannot be managed with traditional ITAM inventory processes. Left to their own devices organization often times rely on spreadsheets and manual processes.

Often the case, with a limited and unreliable view, teams are forced to make guesses about future license needs and risk spending precious budget dollars and time ineffectively, leaving little to drive new initiatives. To stay competitive in today�s challenging market, companies must adopt new methods for managing high-value, high-liability datacenter applications, including the SAP business platform.