Software License Management Guide: 5 Step Plan

by Flexera

Apr 29, 2010

Download Managing software effectively means treating it as a high-value business asset. Managing software assets can be difficult to manage for two primary reasons � the increasing complexity of licensing and the lack of adequate software asset management tools.

There are a variety of software acquisition methods and license types which differ from vendor to vendor and even department to department. These include software pre-loaded on computers, software downloaded via the Internet, volume purchases made directly from publishers or through resellers and hosted applications.

Further complicating matters, licensing may also include multi-user software with enterprise, transaction, processor, concurrent user or named user constraints. Given these options and variables, it�s no wonder that 70% of customers surveyed by IDC say the complexity of managing software contracts has increased in the past year.

Until recently, effective software asset management tools that streamline management and prevent misuse have not been available. The resulting lack of visibility into how, when and by whom software is being used causes enterprises to over-license some applications and under-license others.

To help IT managers navigate through the software licensing maze, Flexera Software is offering this guide to the business and IT communities. It includes a five-step implementation plan and management tool selection criteria designed to help managers maximize the value of their software assets.