The Apple-ization of the Enterprise: Understanding IT's New World

by Code42

Sep 03, 2013

Download Today's "always-on" knowledge workers demand and will settle for nothing less than an Apple-like experience from their devices and applications. But when Apple fanboys rush to buy the company's latest creations for use at home and at the office, many CIOs and IT managers cringe. They wonder how-given this rapidly changing, technology-laden world-they can support even more devices, apps and networks; properly protect enterprise data; and maintain compliance with existing/emerging regulations.

These are legitimate concerns from executives who have seen firsthand the perils of emerging, consumer-grade technologies introduced into their IT environments. One cannot fault CXOs for worrying about the consumerization of IT, not to mention the next-gen "Apple-ization of the Enterprise".

So, it's fair for a senior leader to ask, "How can IT make things easier for end users while also concurrently meeting the security, compliance and privacy needs of the organization?"
It's a big question today, and the stakes are particularly high.

Fortunately, however, IT departments are in luck. A new set of tools and applications can help them keep just about all of their constituents happy: everyday employees, senior management, regulatory bodies, auditors, etc. Rather than fighting this inexorable trend, IT departments can embrace "Apple-ization of the Enterprise" and reap massive rewards in the process. This white paper describes how.