The Problem with Business Software

by iRise

May 18, 2008

Download When was the last time you were involved with a business application that was delivered on time, on budget and with all the features needed to compete successfully in the market? If you answered; "Never" or "Not lately" you�re not alone. The sad truth is that the majority of these projects, large and small, spin out of control and often crash. And the cause is almost always this: business cannot quickly, effectively communicate their needs to technology teams.

iRise� offers a simple and effective solution to these problems - a collaborative software platform that enables businesses to quickly visualize and "test market" applications before a single line of code is written. For the first time, business people can understand for themselves what they need, and then communicate that knowledge to others using visual models that replicate the exact look, feel and behavior of the final product, taking the guesswork out of application definition. Just as CAD tools transformed the automotive, aerospace and semiconductor industries; iRise is now transforming the global business application market.

With thousands of projects completed successfully, the value of visualization has proven to be enormous for businesses in highly competitive markets:
- Get to market twice as fast
- Eliminate 30% of project costs
- Ensure success of global sourcing strategies
- Improve customer experience

Using customer scenarios, this white paper presents a compelling business case for investing in software visualization.