How To Choose The Best CRM Implementation Partner For Your Call Center

Jul 28, 2009

Download In the era of multichannel communications, the Service Management and Customer Support features used in call centers, along with the Sales Force Automation (SFA), are among the most common functionalities of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Very often, the call center runs using an Automated Call Distribution (ACD) solution without integrating it with a CRM solution. The growing number of call centers on various market verticals proves that call centers have become more complex, with a more diverse customer base with particular needs in customer management, as well as multiple products and marketing channels to manage. Integration is also important, as a call center solution needs to bind together multiple systems such as ACD, CRM, financials, and other business-specific systems. This white paper aims to provide you with answers on how to choose the best CRM implementation provider for your call center.


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