Clustering Database Applications to Lower IT Cost

Jan 27, 2010

Download Clustering is a mandate within a responsible IT data center. For more than eight years enterprises around the globe have used Oracle Real Applications Clusters (RAC) to apply the principles of grid computing at the database tier, adding their stories to a towering spire of evidence that clustered architectures can save organizations millions of dollars.

Customers across all industries are clustering their transaction processing and data warehousing applications to deliver a higher quality of service at a lower cost.

Benefits of clustering your database applications using Oracle RAC include:

� high availability
� improved resource utilization
� scalability
� manageability
� support for dynamic workloads and new types of applications

Download this whitepaper to learn the advantages of clustering. Discover why this innovative architecture returns such consistent value to the enterprises that adopt it. Understand the direct cause and effect relationship between database clustering and IT efficiencies, which can add up to big savings for your organization.


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