Data masking everywhere - Design standard and repeatable data privacy policies across the enterprise

by IBM

Mar 02, 2014

Download The new era of computing has arrived: organizations are now able to process, analyze and derive maximum value from structured, unstructured and streaming data in real time. However, in the rush to achieve new insights, are privacy concerns being neglected? With the average cost of security-related incidents in the era of big data estimated to be over USD40 million, you can?t afford to ignore data privacy as a top requirement.

InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy provides the most comprehensive set of data masking techniques on the market. InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy is:

• Business-driven: Sets masking policies based on business requirements

• Simple to use: Leverages out-of-the-box providers for masking policies

• Ready for big data: Supports leading databases, operating systems and applications across mainframe, distributed and big data environments

InfoSphere Optim Data Privacy provides Masking on Demand to mask data wherever and whenever it is needed. Learn how you can mask data in real-time as it speeds across the enterprise to address emerging masking requirements in applications, reports, analytics platforms, databases, warehouses and big data environments without changes to applications or impacting performance.