Enterprise modernization: A Rational approach

by IBM

Apr 09, 2012

Download In this paper you will learn about a new, broad, and all encompassing multiplatform view of modernization in the context of applications, people and teams. Our goal is to help you:
- Find smarter ways to design, build, maintain and extend the applications that run the business.
- Choose the best procurement model for your organization, including cloud and packaged applications.
- Provide individual practitioners with the best tools available to optimize their productivity.
- Enable your organizationally, geographically and generationally diverse practitioners to team and collaborate as effectively and efficiently as possible.
- Develop a strategic road map that begins with a clear understanding of your current portfolio of applications and leads toward a mature application portfolio management approach and strategy, delivering ROI gains incrementally.
- And, most critically, learn how to accomplish all of the above while continuing to deliver innovative capabilities, control costs and mitigate risk.