Best Kept Secrets of Peer Review

Feb 03, 2013

Download Developers are often reluctant to do reviews because they traditionally take the form of a heavy-weight, meeting-based process. Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review turns this notion upside-down and shows how to perform effective lightweight code review - which takes 1/5th of the time of more traditional, heavy-weight reviews.

In this ebook, you'll learn:

� Why some developers resist code review and how new tools change the game.

� The 5 types of review and their pros and cons

� What new studies and analysis shows about peer review

� Data and lessons from Cisco Systems - the largest case study ever done on lightweight code review process

� The social effects of peer review

� Questions to ask and what to do with the answers when getting started

� Useful metrics and what they mean

� The SEI Perspective

� CodeCollaborator - one of the best tools for code review

Whether you are a programmer or development manager, this is the book for you!