Extend Your ERP System Through Sterling Commerce Selling And Fulfillment Solutions

Jun 01, 2008

Download The adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems over the past two decades have led to landmark increases in business productivity. Now, however, many companies find themselves hamstrung by these same systems. The problem is two-fold: While ERP systems are very good at streamlining internal business operations, they are poorly suited for managing external processes with customers and suppliers beyond the four walls of the enterprise. The second problem is that ERP systems lack the flexibility to support highly customized, or frequently changing, operations. The way around both of these challenges is to extend structured ERP systems with flexible service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based systems designed to support those external-facing business operations. This paper describes the risks of an inflexible IT environment, and shows how SOA can present you with advantages in five areas: multi-channel selling, distributed order management, distributed warehouse management, global transportation management, and supply-chain visibility.


Sterling Commerce