Transforming Business Through Collaboration

Apr 01, 2011

Download Businesses increasingly see collaboration as a strategic initiative because it allows them to take advantage of new business models and meet customer demands. Collaboration helps organizations leverage "best-of-the-best" resources, enhance innovation, rely on distributed supply chains, and expand globally with the help of local partners. At the same time, collaborating more closely with customers helps organizations provide better customer service.

As organizations work more closely with partners, suppliers and customers, they want to reduce the associated time and cost while improving the accuracy of their interactions by communicating electronically and securely with their collaborators.

This white paper describes how enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems enable organizations to share and synchronize data, transactions and essential business information with collaborators, securely and accurately. Not only do these collaboration capabilities reduce costs and speed the flow of information, they can ultimately enable a wide range of collaborative processes that allow companies to develop innovative products, plan and forecast more accurately, optimize inventory turnover and better serve their customers.


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