Automated CRM Marketing Can Optimize Customer Life Cycle

Jan 20, 2009

Download In this white paper, you�ll learn how to transform your CRM system from a passive data center into a profit-driving machine that automates time-consuming sales and marketing processes for increased sales, reduced costs, and a better ROI for your CRM investment.

Additionally, you'll learn how to dramatically increase the return on your CRM investment and build long-term revenue by:

  • Building a solid communications plan and budget allocation based upon the entire customer life cycle and prospects' buying process.
  • Fostering a single unified sales and marketing team charged with mutual short- and long-term goals and metrics.
  • Implementing an automated marketing solution using CRM triggers to initiate and manage communications.
  • Matching messaging to the needs of the customer or prospect using personalized multi-channel communications.
  • Adopting a system that makes it possible to automatically deploy 1:1 communications to one person at a time.