Business-ready Mobile Collaboration Tools for Your BlackBerry Smartphone

by IBM

Nov 03, 2010

Download Even while they�re on the move, people need access to valuable information and experts. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and laptops, can keep employees more produc-tive throughout the day, whether they�re in the office or onthe road. But they lose time if they�re constrained in how andwhen they work�for example, if they need separate applica-tions and logins for smartphones, if they need to stop at a WiFi hotspot to access collaboration tools on a laptop or if they�re unable to review materials until they arrive at their hotel rooms. As a work-around, many mobile employees turn to social networking and collaboration tools available in the publicdomain. CIOs and administrators are concerned about the security risk this poses, so they need to provide an enterprise-controlled, security-rich alternative that allows mobile employees to connect and collaborate with their colleagues.