Interstage Business Process Manager V11 Architecture

by Fujitsu

Aug 01, 2011

Download Interstage BPM advanced architecture flexibly addresses requirements of the next generation BPM to effectively manage work in today's enterprise. Broad array of capabilities enables organizations to respond to business change by supporting all types of business processes and all forms of work.

Interstage Business Process Manager incorporates all of the building blocks necessary for adding a flexible and sophisticated process layer to business applications. Business processes should not be hard-coded in to application code. Given the pace of change of current business applications, application developers should also utilize BPM to separate process logic from the application logic. The resulting process layer is easy to understand and empowers managers to implement change requests immediately without technical assistance. Interstage Business Process Manager provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface for controlling the process layer of your applications. With the introduction of dynamic BPM capabilities for automating the unplanned, unstructured activities in real work scenarios, business users no longer need to wait in line for scarce IT resources to implement changes to their business processes.